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Rittenhouse Routes

#RittenhouseRoutes are walking and running routes for guests to follow, which start and end at our hotel. They’re planned by our team members to help all fitness enthusiasts, from amateur joggers to keen runners, continue their fitness routine when they travel. Along the way, joggers and walkers experience the routes the local area has to offer.


·         Rocky's Route - 10 miles 

Philadelphia takes a leading role in the iconic Rocky franchise. We’ve mapped out a route that takes you to some iconic places highlighted in previous Rocky movies. You’ll start by passing Victor Café, a historic Italian restaurant that plays a key role in the franchise, transformed into “Adrian’s” in Rocky Balboa and the film Creed. Next, you’ll run through Philly’s Italian Market. During Rocky’s famous run, he was joyously greeted by vendors as he ran through the nation’s oldest and largest working outdoor market. From there, head to Independence Hall and try to replicate Rocky’s famous bench hurdling scene in Rocky II before making your way to the Philadelphia Zoo, where Rocky proposed to Adrian. You’ll then take in the sites of the 19th-century boat houses on Boathouse Row along the Schuylkill River as spotted in Rocky Balboa, and then finish off with the iconic Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art before running through Rittenhouse Square Park and then back to the hotel. You’ll be in fighting shape in no time!


·         Route One - 11 miles Route One provides an uninterrupted walking/biking trail along the scenic Schuylkill River Banks via the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Feel free to make this route longer or shorter, it extends through the entire city!


·         Route Two - 5 miles

Route Two will take you through historic Old City Philadelphia where you will see glimpses of cobblestone, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Delaware River Waterfront.

·         Route Three - 4 miles 

This four-mile trek introduces the four original parks that William Penn drew into the city's Infrastructure. This route will take you around center city to four landmark squares that help define Philadelphia.

·         Route Four - 1 mile 

This route is for the easy goers that want to see the city sights. Enjoy the famous JFK Plaza, home of LOVE Park and the LOVE statue. See Philadelphia’s Masonic Temple, City Hall, and get a taste of the Avenue of the Arts all in this short, one-mile excursion.


If you want a map or if you have any questions, please contact our concierge.

The Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square, offers #RittenhouseRoutes for the convenience of its guests and makes no representations or warranties with regard to the safety or suitability of a #RittenhouseRoute. Guests using #RittenhouseRoutes assume full responsibility for all risks of loss, including personal injury. Please consult a doctor or physician before starting a workout program.